Radio Interviews and General Media Releases

For stations wishing to download the Easterfest radio interviews and press releases, we would like to offer a simple method of collection for you.

This year, there are several feeds available:

  • Audio - Media interviews conducted at the Vision Area with various artists.
  • Releases - Press releases with stories about the festival.
  • Photos - Various photos which will compliment the press releases.

To get the latest Easterfest Media content, we have made it very easy where you can automatically have the data delivered to you via podcasting software, or you can choose to manually download the files straight from our Media Portal website.

The list of RSS feeds you will need to enter are:

Alternatively, (which is recommended for web browsers) you can see just the files in each feed:

How to make this automatic downloading happen:

  1. Download and install our recommended (or your preferred) "podcatcher" program such as:

    (iTunes has issues with various types of non-audio content and the feed, and is therefore NOT recommended for getting Easterfest Media)

  2. Subscribe to the desired feed (copy and paste the link just above)

  3. Set up the program to check the feed and download new files at a regular interval (eg once a day at a set time; or every 30 minutes; etc).

Or, if you prefer, you can just go to these links shown above in your favourite web browser, which will list all the files available for collection.

If you have any major problems, email Steve Monro at, detailing the major problems your are having, the operating system you are running and any other information that may be of help. Also, please include a contact phone number and your radio station/media organisation.